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What you get:

Welcome to our gig If you're searching for exclusive and captivating meditation videos, you've come to the right place. With our expertise in video creation and a deep understanding of meditation's soothing effects, I'm here to bring your meditation journey to life.

Imagine having personalized meditation videos tailored to your unique vision. Whether you're a meditation practitioner, a wellness professional, or someone seeking inner peace, I can craft meditation videos that resonate with your audience.

Here's what you can expect from my service:

  • Tailored Content: Each meditation video is custom-created to match your specific theme, tone, and intention.
  • Engaging Visuals and Sounds: Through carefully chosen visuals, calming colors, and soothing sounds, I create an immersive experience that guides viewers into a state of tranquility.
  • Exclusive Rights: You'll receive exclusive rights to the meditation videos, allowing you to use them without limitations.

    Contact me, if you are interested in us creating an amazing and unique youtube channel, with fully exclsuive content.

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About Julians

​Julians Taylor is a professional Audio/Video Editor and a Music Composer.

It's my passion to teach others simple techniques to relax and focus, as well as guide people through powerful experiences that have helped many become healthy, happy and successful.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this on Youtube?

Of course, you can use it for youtube or any other platform.

Is there any restrictions to your Commercial License?

There is absolutely no restrictions to our license except the buyer CANNOT claim he/she created the music, also there is NO NEED to credit the original Composer!


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