I will create a safe subliminal hypnosis for you or your business

5 stars (50+ reviews)
20 Minute Subliminal Hypnosis - $10.00 USD
40 Minute Subliminal Hypnosis - $20.00 USD
1 Hour Subliminal Hypnosis - $35.00 USD
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What you get:

Hello! I only work for the purposes of GOOD and LOVE and will not record subliminals that go against these forces.

Subliminal affirmations are NOT audible. YOU CANNOT HEAR THE AFFIRMATIONS. The positive affirmations will not be audible behind the music, this is what makes them most effective.

Choose your own background music from over 200 music track and nature sounds, visit the link below:


Choose your own affirmations or tell me what your General Goal is and I will create them for you.

Subliminal tracks are extremely powerful so you feel effects as soon as you start listening to it. I strongly advise that you listen to this track at least once a day for 21 days for best results!

I can also create sped up subliminals and booster subliminals, just contact me for any questions.

I can make all my subliminal recording audible in the beginning and the end so you can hear my voice and rest assured you are getting the benefits!

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About Julians

​Julians Taylor is a professional Audio/Video Editor and a Music Composer.

It's my passion to teach others simple techniques to relax and focus, as well as guide people through powerful experiences that have helped many become healthy, happy and successful.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this on Youtube?

Of course, you can use it for youtube or any other platform.

Is there any restrictions to your Commercial License?

There is absolutely no restrictions to our license except the buyer CANNOT claim he/she created the music, also there is NO NEED to credit the original Composer!


5 stars (50+ reviews)

I adore Loula! I have worked with her many times and she is always the consummate professional and is so enjoyable to work with. I have her create custom subliminal tracks for my students and they often report how much they love them. Will continue to order from Loula and you should too! :)


Another fantastic job....will be using her services again!


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