What is meditation? Does hypnosis work?

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about meditation and even more about hypnosis.
I am passionate about clearing up any confusion that these methods and techniques are anything but beneficial to the practitioner. Meditation and hypnosis allow us to slow down our brain frequency rate, a natural occurrence that happens to all of us each time we go to sleep, watch a movie, or even read a book. Through focused stillness and relaxation, we slow down our heart rate, and are gifted the opportunity to witness our mind in a way we may have never been aware of before.
Meditation is commonly a lighter state of relaxation, and hypnosis is a deeper state of relaxation.
When we become relaxed, we are able to create new, positive habits, and implement anything we wish to achieve in our life.
It is my belief that these slower brain frequency states are nothing short of magical. I am learning more and more every day about the benefits of practicing meditation and hypnosis. I am a living example of how you can change your life through these simple, yet powerful techniques. It is my mission to guide others to experience their natural super-hero abilities to overcome anything and become great.